Monthly Reading :: July 2016

Lumina Tarot :: July 2016


This month is all about dealing with your emotions, both conscious or unconscious, and as well as listening to your intuition. The beginning of the month is a continuation from last month with more self-exploration required. This will result in blocks being cleared in the middle of the month and a new self-perception. Finally, the end of the month is the time to reward yourself for all this internal work.

Beginning of the Month

Lumina Tarot :: Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

The joy of blossoming

“The Ace of Cups represents a time of self-care and self-exploration. Perhaps you have been feeling the stirring of exciting yet unfamiliar energy within you, calling for you to explore different areas of interest and aspects of yourself. This will feel exciting, adventurous and no doubt at times nerve-racking as you step further into the soul-guided elements of you that are ready for expression.

Give yourself permission to follow your intuition and gut. Let yourself quiet the noise in your mind.”


  • How will you nurture yourself this month?
  • What are you drawn to explore?
  • What is your heart calling for?

Element: Water

  • Intuition, emotions, spirituality

Crystal: Emerald

Stone of prosperity and courage. It also opens one’s heart to receive and give love.

Middle of the Month

Lumina Tarot :: The Moon

The Moon

Illumination, psychic and intuitive strength, shadow self

“Strong messages and insights are coming to you through your subconscious. It may be a period of heightened dreams and memories, clearing away blocks and confusion that have distorted your view of yourself, others and your path forward.”


  • What memories or dreams keep recurring?
  • What do you instinctively want to do?
  • What is confusing you?

Element: Water

  • Intuition, emotions, spirituality

Crystal: Moonstone

“Makes conscious the unconscious and promotes intuition and empathy. It encourages lucid dreaming, especially at the time of the full moon.” (The Crystal Bible Volume 1, Judy Hall)

End of the Month

Lumina Tarot :: 3 of Cups

Three of Cups

Expansion, Connection & Celebration

“A time of celebration and success shared with old and new friends and family. You have stretched past your comfort zone and created new abundance and beauty in your life that you are now able to share with others.”


  • What is cause for celebration in your life right now?
  • What do you want to communicate or share with others?
  • How have you been enjoying yourself lately?

Element: Water

  • Intuition, emotions, spirituality

Crystal: Watermelon tourmaline

Ideal for gaining insight into situations and expressing intention clearly. It also assists in relationships and in finding joy.

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