Monthly Reading :: August 2016

Lumina Tarot :: August 2016


The work done last month may bring more changes in your life. There is a personal breakthrough on the way! This may lead you to explore learning new skills and to make space in your life for this new passion. The end of the month will see you bring something to life as a result of these new skills. This is the month of rebirth and the perfect time to reflect on where you are right now, where you want to be and to take a leap of faith to make it happen!

Beginning of the Month

Lumina Tarot :: The Tower

The Tower

The crumbling of old paradigms

“Destruction is in the air! Do not shy away. Stand up to the beauty of the electricity of a storm, breathe in the freshness of life and its offering and exhale and let go of all the decay and immorality of what once was.

You may be feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and insecure at this time, especially if the change was unexpected. Yet, do not step outside your power for there is a powerful awakening occurring within you and your work. Stagnant patterns of thinking and being are breaking up, gifting you the opportunity for liberation and freedom to pursue your soul’s desires and transform them into physical reality.

This is a card of personal breakthrough, where new worlds begin…”


  • What do you really want?
  • What no longer works for you?
  • What direction must you move towards?

Elements: Water + Fire

  • Water: intuition, emotions, spirituality
  • Fire: action, creativity, passion

Crystal: Fulgurite

Helps to release thinking patterns and habits that no longer serve.

Middle of the Month

Lumina Tarot :: 8 of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles

Honing your zone of genius

“There’s been a deep shift inside of you. You are increasingly focusing your energies on becoming the expert in your field of skill and interest. This may also mean you’re being internally guided to explore and learn different areas of your profession or branch out further into areas that require your dedicated time. This is the card of craftsmanship, where you are encouraged to commit fully to ventures that ignite your heart. You may find your passion and interest levels see you withdraw slightly from family and friends as you integrate this new wave of energy and inspiration, making room for it within your life to allow it to grow and blossom.”


  • What skills or craft are you learning?
  • What are you making space for in your life?
  • What are you drawn to learn?

Element: Earth

  • Money, physical health, material realm

Crystal: Honey calcite

Stimulates will and mind. It is “an effective aid for studying and developing new skills” (The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian)

End of the Month

Lumina Tarot :: 3 of Cups

Three of Cups

Expansion, Connection & Celebration

“This card symbolises the conception or birth of something whether it is a pregnancy or the creative spark of passion leading you to participate in group setting of like minds where there is a common goal or agenda.

There is a wonderful playful and vibrant energy around you.”


  • What are you bringing to life?
  • Who are you connecting with?
  • What talents do you have and how have you been using them?

Elements: Water

  • Intuition, emotions, spirituality

Crystal: Spessartine garnet

Linked to the second chakra, it increases fertility – physical (i.e. getting pregnant) or of the mind (i.e. new ideas/projects).

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