Who is the smile maker?

Emilie Gomez :: the smile makerHi there! I am Emilie, a.k.a. the smile maker.

I was born in France (hence the funny accent!) and came to Australia when I was twenty-two years of age to complete my Master of Engineering Science at UNSW. After graduating with High Distinction and publishing my thesis in two journals, I started my career in Management Consulting.

In January 2011, after years of stress (think work but also visa, heartbreak, etc…), I had a breakthrough – some would call it a nervous breakdown but I prefer breakthrough – and my life focus changed. It took me a few weeks to come to grips with the diagnosis but once I did I kissed goodbye to depression in a short period of a time (less than 6 months) without antidepressants (I only took them for a couple of weeks and knew it wasn’t right for me) or any other drugs.

During that time, I found that there was little help out there for people in my situation. What if I wanted to deal with my mental illness for good and in a natural and healthy way? So I decided that I should create that and by that I mean a centre where people would come to learn about strategies to deal with stress and depression whilst being pampered and taken care of. With this in mind I created Sonrisa, which means smile in Spanish. Smile because the first thing I noticed once I started feeling better is that I was smiling again. And it felt good. And the Spanish was in memory of my Spanish great-grandfather whom I never met but wish I had. However, I soon realised that a Spanish word said with a French accent does not work too well in Australia – hence the change to the smile maker.

In August 2013, after months of feeling unwell, I decided to ditch the dairy and felt better in less than a week. Despite being vegetarian for years, this change of diet (i.e. strictly plant-based, since I had stopped eating eggs in early 2013) was an eye opener and after watching Earthlings I went vegan – not only I was not eating any animal products I also wasn’t using any products derived from animals or containing any animal products (e.g. clothes, skin care, cleaning products…).

I know many people are wary of vegans for forcing their opinions on others – this is not my intention. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and everything shared on this blog or via social media is purely educational and to raise awareness. No green washing!

In early 2014, I reconnected with Yoga. I had been practising on and off for a few years but could never stick to it. I decided that in 2014 I would. And I did. So much so that after a few months of a regular practice, I felt I needed more and decided to do my teacher training. It took me a few months to find the right place, but I finally did my 200-hour training in Sukha Mukha and graduated at the end of 2014.

To sum in it all up, I have learnt a lot from my own journey and now take a holistic approach to wellness and my intention is to share my learnings and experience about all the things I love (i.e. personal development, nutrition, meditation, yoga, spirituality and the environment) either on my blog or social media and hopefully inspire you.

I am a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200), a Life Coach and an NLP Practitioner and I am also accredited in Extended DISC® (e-DISC).

I am currently studying to become a Crystal Healer and to run Sacred Ceremonies. I will complete my Reiki Level 2 in June 2016.

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“The brilliant yet simple ideas that Emilie shared with me had never crossed my mind, but are now here to stay; I now have a new perspective on what I really want in life and how I can reach my goals. Emilie’s coaching was amazing; I never felt like I was being lectured but rather that she was guiding me to find the right path for me on my own.

My journey with Emilie made me a different person, I was doubting everything I did but now I’m confident, I know what I want and I’m working towards getting it; I got my smile back and I know how to keep it!”
Merrit Labib, Sydney

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