“Life isn’t about finding Yourself. Life is about creating Yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

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Hi there! I am Emilie, a.k.a. the smile maker.

I was born in France (hence the funny accent!) and came to Australia when I was twenty-two years of age to complete my Master of Engineering Science at UNSW. After graduating with High Distinction and publishing my thesis in two journals, I started my career in Management Consulting.

In January 2011, after years of stress (think work but also visa, heartbreak, etc…) I had a breakthrough – some would call it a nervous breakdown but I prefer breakthrough – and my life focus changed. It took me a few weeks to come to grips with the diagnosis but once I did I kissed goodbye to depression in a short period of a time (less than 6 months) without antidepressants (I only took them for a couple of weeks and knew it wasn’t right for me) or any other drugs.

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